Hospitality, Refugees Welcome
Hopitality Campaign, Refugees Welcome. FREE Motion Design Courses and Training.




Hospitality is the quality or disposition for greeting and welcoming guests and strangers
in a warm, kind and friendly way.

In your own home or land.


No Pretendas is fully committed to the Syrian cause by providing 4 free Motion Design training
courses to 24 refugees arriving to Madrid and seeking opportunities in this area.
It will be 6 day training course during 2015 and 2016.

NOV 2015
FEB 2016
APR 2016
JUN 2016
+not definitive

If you are a Syrian refugee or you are running away from any other war around the world,
please contact (Header: Welcome Training) Stating your skills, background and the tools
you normally work with.
We will select the applicants that will most benefit from this course (6 people max per course).


No Pretendas CEO David Hermoso and his family offer a room in their home for 1-2 people for a month free of charge.

/// contact:


HOSPITALITY / REFUGEES WELCOME from No Pretendas on Vimeo.